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Fri July 6, 2012
Eye on Entertainment #158

Eye On Entertainment #158

Eye On Entertainment #158

Air Date: 7/6/12

With the summer season being barbecue season, this week's guest couldn't have come at a better time. Host Blane Singletary speaks with Dr. Harold Katz, known as the "final authority" on bad breath. He tells us about the Top 5 barbecue foods to avoid if you want fresh breath, as well as fresh alternatives. Also, we'll preview our upcoming first installment of our Great Conversations series for this summer.


Fri May 11, 2012
Eye on Entertainment #150

Eye On Entertainment #150 - Eric Woolfson Special

Eye on Entertainment Episode #150

Air Date: 5/11/12

When one achieves success in the entertainment world, fame usually follows soon after. This was not the case, however, for the late singer and songwriter Eric Woolfson. Join us for this exclusive conversation with his daughter, Sally, in this special edition of Eye on Entertainment.

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