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Wednesday, April 16
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12:00 AM
The world's leading international broadcaster providing programmes and content for radio, television, online and mobile phones in English and 31 other languages.
4:00 AM
9:00 AM
On Point
11:00 AM
Here and Now
12:00 PM
The News at Noon
Lydia Miranda
The award-winning News at Noon is completely student produced. Featuring local and national news, this half-hour show is great start to your afternoon.
12:30 PM
Making Contact
1:00 PM
A Way With Words
2:00 PM
Fresh Air
3:00 PM
BBC Newshour
4:00 PM
NPR's afternoon News Magazine.
7:00 PM
Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin
Bill McGlaughlin
8:00 PM
Fred Child
10:00 PM