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Top Stories: Tragedy In Conn.; 'Fiscal Cliff' Talks Continue

Dec 17, 2012

Good morning.

Our early headlines, as you would expect, were about Friday's mass murder at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn.:

-- Funerals Begin In Newtown, Investigation Continues.

-- For Conn. Teacher Who Lives Near Tragedy, Today's Classes Will Be Difficult.

The morning's other major news stories include:

-- "Afghan Landmine Blast Kills Girls." (BBC News)

-- "Boehner Floats Tax Rate Hike For Highest Earners." (Posted here late last evening.)

-- "Boehner Offers Debt-ceiling Increase In Cliff Compromise." (The Washington Post)

-- "Obama Expected To Name Kerry As Secretary Of State." (The New York Times)

-- Egypt's Draft Constitution Narrowly Approved In First Stage Of Voting. (NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson on our Newscast and on Morning Edition.)

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