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The Daytripper Pays A Visit To The Key City

Sep 19, 2013

We've all heard it before, everything is bigger in Texas. Every town in Texas has something great to offer and no one knows that more than Chet Garner, host of KERA's hit show, The Daytripper.


Chet and the crew of The Daytripper film a segment at Abi-Haus.
Credit Meagan Freeman / Abilene Public Radio

The Daytripper is one of public television's most popular shows. Chet Garner has traveled the state filming episode after episode. From border to border, but on Thursday, The Daytripper landed in the Big Country. That's right, Chet paid a visit to the Key City. During the day trip's filming in Abilene, I pulled Chet away from his Abilene fun to chat about everything from his love of Texas, his addiction to barbecque and his vision to tell Texans about all the fun that is right here in our backyards.

"This was about helping people see the beauty of everything around them," Garner explains. "There is a reason that people from all over the world come to Texas."

The Daytripper filmed segments all around town. During lunch they stopped at Abi-Haus.
Credit Meagan Freeman / Abilene Public Radio

With all of the cities and towns to choose from, I wanted to know how he chose Abilene.

"My wife and I and our three kids came and scouted Abilene about five months ago and we just sort of fell in love with the vibe."


Chet also shared that there has been no shortage of fun since he arrived in the Key City. From Vleta's Candies to scuba diving a missile silo, Chet has tons of fun crammed into his trip.


One of the many murals at Abilene's Abi-Haus.
Credit Meagan Freeman / Abilene Public Radio

With such a packed schedule, there is one thing that Chet won't get to do during this visit. 

"Feeding the giraffes at the zoo here is like one of my favorite things to do. We'll have to put that in Abilene, the return."


You can hear the passion Chet has for the show and the state of Texas, and he is confident The Daytripper is here to stay.


"I could do this until I'm 85 and never repeat a city." 


As we wrapped up our conversation at the bustling dining room of Abilene's one of a kind restaurant, Abi-Haus, Chet has a parting message. His signature tag that ends each episode of The Daytripper. 


"I'll see all ya'll on the road. Vaya con dios, amigos."


A special thanks to Chet Garner and the crew of The Daytripper. Abilene's episode is planned to air in April or May 2014. More information on The Daytripper can be found on their website,