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Abilene Will Have Sister March On Saturday

Jan 20, 2017


The Women’s March on Washington is a grassroots effort that grew to over 600 marches across six continents. Damion Moore will be marching Saturday at city hall in Abilene. He’s marching for issues that affect different groups of people, including disabled people, immigrants, LGBT, women’s rights, religious freedom and more. 

Moore and his friend Justin Gann co-founded a group called Compassion and Human Rights In Abilene to expose and fight injustice. Justin is currently pursuing a master’s degree in history. Studying history has helped him realize how easily a country can become divided, he said we have to learn from the past.

“If you look at it, there was a time where people had no concept of domestic abuse, where people didn’t challenge slavery, and our dialog has evolved that we can challenge those things,” Moore said. 

Some people in Abilene are even traveling to larger cities in Texas to attend a march. Kimberly Moreno is going to Austin. She said she wants women to stand in solidarity with one voice.

“We want progress, we are not going to go back in time and go back to the way things were before when sexual harassment, sexual assault and things like that were okay,” Moreno said. 

Moreno is concerned about the upcoming administration. She said the march isn’t just about women; instead, it’s for anyone who felt marginalized by Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric.