What is Underwriting?

The financial support of public radio by businesses, associations, and nonprofit organizations is called underwriting. Portions of your support may be tax deductible-up to 100%; please consult your tax advisor for details.

By law, KACU is required to acknowledge the financial support on the air with announcements (or “credits”) which are customized to the specific business or organization. The frequency, number and scheduling of the announcements depends upon the client’s level of financial support.

Underwriting on KACU radio helps fund quality programming that can only be found on public broadcasting.

As an underwriter, you’ll combine the benefits of advertising with sound public relations. You are partnering with a valuable cultural and community resource as well as demonstrating your commitment to the West Texas community. For information about underwriting, please contact Cara Lee Cranford at caralee.cranford@acu.edu.

Meet our current underwriters...