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Fri June 22, 2012
Eye on Entertainment #156

Eye On Entertainment #156

Eye On Entertainment #156

Air Date: 6/22/12

With summer well underway, Eye on Entertainment has its eye on vacation destinations you might plan to visit on your summer travels. This week, host Blane Singletary speaks with Dr. Edward Berenson, a history professor at New York University and author of a new book; The Statue of Liberty: A Transatlantic Story. He joins us to talk about the little-known origins of this American icon. Also, we'll fly through our own backyard and look at a plethora of plays taking place.

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Sat June 16, 2012
Eye on Entertainment #155

Eye On Entertainment #155

The cast of Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap" take a bow after a grand performance. (left to right: Tony Redman, Blane Singletary, Jake Wade, Casey Voce, Pam Brown, Eddie Templeton, Chandi Chandler, Susan Herman)
John Hitt Hittwerk Photography

Eye on Entertainment episode #155

Original Air Date: 6/15/12

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