Council Votes To Keep Animal Ordinance The Same

Aug 27, 2015

[story updated Thursday, August 27, 2015.   

Abilene’s animal ordinance will stay the same after proposed revisions were rejected by the city council today. The council voted unanimously to keep the current ordinance after about 30 people spoke out against the changes during a public hearing. Revisions to the ordinance included limitations on the number of animals a person can keep, new guidelines for tethering dogs and restrictions on keeping roosters. 

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Cynthia Simmons is a first-year teacher at Bowie Elementary School. 

"I've wanted to be a teacher since I was a child, since I was in the third grade because of my third-grade teacher," Simmons said.  "I love that she involved the students, she had such a love for teaching."

Alec Finch is a first-year teacher and coach at Abilene Cooper High School. 

"A good part of teaching and coaching in general is just teaching kids good citizenship and I think that kind of get's lost in the mix sometimes between wins and losses," Finch said.

He wants students to come to school each day with a positive mindset and begin building a community with their fellow teammates and coaches. Finch said he'll strive to lay core foundational values and help students to realize that it's all about the team effort and not the individual effort. 

Alexia Closner is first-year teacher at Jackson Elementary School. 

"I just love being able to live life and to share life with the littles,” Alexia Closner said.  “It’s one of those things, never a dull moment and just getting to share life with them and knowing that you have had a deep internal impact on their lives and their development and their heart is really rewarding and comforting to me.”

First-year teacher Karen Batson worked previously as a journalist in Abilene for 17 years. She’ll welcome students to her business class on Monday at ATEMS High School.

“I just love helping people learn,” Batson said. “As a reporter I was always teaching the young ones, 'Hey, look you need to do it this way.' There’s a certain satisfaction when you step back and you go, 'Hey, look, they’re getting it.' And you see the glow in their eyes. I think it’s wonderful.”

“Freud’s Last Session,” is a play about an imagined meeting between atheist Sigmund Freud and converted Christian C.S. Lewis.  Their meeting takes place in 1939 on the day that Germany invaded Poland.

“One guy described this play like a very good cup of strong coffee because it’s really hard to sleep afterwards because you just want to talk,” Gary Varner said.  “It gets you stimulated.”

Varner is a professor of Theatre at ACU. He’s directing the play that runs this weekend at Fulks Theatre.

It can be straw, felt or even leather, plain or decorated, with a tall crown and a wide brim, a cowboy hat is the fundamental piece of attire for cowboys and cowgirls.

Gage Skidmore (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0) via Wikimedia Commons
Gage Skidmore (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0) via Wikimedia Commons

Larry Zelisko is a columnist and the content editor at the Abilene Reporter-News. His column, Larry The Answer Guy, responds to reader-submitted questions on a wide range of topics.

In today's column a reader says, "I know there are four former presidents who are still alive, but I want to know how many former Texas governors are still alive.- Abilene. 

After a six-month-long search, Abilene ISD found the person they want to lead as Superintendent.  The Abilene ISD Board of Trustees announced during a special meeting Tuesday evening that David Young is the lone finalist for the job.

People rejoiced after the Abilene City Council voted unanimously Thursday to move the south branch of the Abilene Public Library to the Mall of Abilene.

Size constraints and plumbing problems have been an issue at the current location, 1401 South Danville. City Librarian Lori Grumet said the new space will be four times the size of the current building. 

Larry Zelisko is a columnist and the content editor at the Abilene Reporter-News. His column, Larry The Answer Guy, responds to reader-submitted questions on a wide range of topics.

In today's column, a reader asks; "What was the name of the steak house that was in the building where Bonzai Japanese Steak House is now?"

Every summer kids escape their parents for a chance to make new friends through adventures at camp. Camp Corral is like any other summer camp except that all of the participants are children of wounded, disabled or fallen military service members.

Twenty-three camps across the nation host the free, week long camp each year.  Mark Carroll directs Camp Corral at the Texas 4-H Center in Brownwood.

What do you get when you combine a love for horseback riding with a passion for music?

“A drill team is a precision riding group on horses. It’s something of a choreographed ballet,” Peg Smith said. “It’s a mental game. That horse and rider has to be one and the team has to be one.”

For same-sex couples seeking a marriage license in Taylor County the question evolved from “if” to “when” and then to “how?”

After the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Friday that same-sex marriage is legal, several couples went to the County Clerk’s office for a marriage license only to be turned away pending an approval from the state attorney General’s office.

Taylor County Clerk Larry G. Bevill was not sure how to proceed without updated gender-neutral documents or with approval from the state of Texas.

Donate Your Car to KACU

Jun 23, 2015

The donation of your car to 89.5 KACU helps us to continue to provide the quality of programming that you expect and hear from Abilene Public Radio KACU.  It also helps us hire quality staff to keep that programming coming to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Selling your car can be expensive and time consuming.  Getting a low blue book value for the car as a trade in can be hard to handle when the dealer turns around and sells it for twice the amount. BUT, by donating your car to KACU, you can rest assured that the money raised from the sale will go directly to 89.5 KACU.