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Passengers Diverted To Abilene Airport
Sever storms in North Texas closed the DFW airport on Wednesday, diverting several flights to Abilene. KACU’s Meagan Hernandez has the details. 2010. The News At Noon - KACU News - Reporter: Meagan Hernandez
Tenaska’s Next Step For Permit
Tenaska has caused quite the debate in the past few months. The independent energy company recently announced it is a step closer to becoming a reality. The Texas State Office of Administrative Hearings has given some demands, but ultimately has recommended the plant for final approval for an air quality permit. With a closer look at the developments, here is KACU’s Meagan Hernandez. 2010. KACU News - Reporter: Meagan Hernandez - The News At Noon
Assistant City Manager Receives International Accredidation
The City of Abilene has a lot of high quality individuals in public office. One such man has proved that on an international level. Assistant City Manager David Vela is now one of about twelve-hundred local leaders world wide with the title Credentialed Manager. KACU’s Zane Goggins spoke with Mr. Vela here in the KACU studios. 2010. KACU News - Reporter: Zane Goggans - Airdate: October 22, 2010 - The News At Noon
Wind Energy Summit 2010
Wind Energy Summit - 7.23.10 - J. Harbour
Ray Benson Interview 2010
Ray Benson Interview - 7.23.10 - J. Jones
Abilene ends furlough days
In an effort to save money, the city of Abilene has instituted furlough days for city employees. The last scheduled furlough day is Friday. KACU’s Meagan Hernandez reports. 2010. KACU News - Reporter- Meagan Hernandez
Abilene Airfest 2011
With a major military installation such a huge part of our city, aircraft have long had a prominent role in Abilene. And we as residents have a long fascination with flight. Each year flight fans, civilians and members of the military come together to celebrate the art of flight at the Abilene Airfest. This year, a 50th anniversary celebration is part of the show, along with some old and new exhibits. KACU’s Dave Smith sits down for more insights with Gray Bridwell of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce and Major Jim Corrigan of the United States Air Force. 2011. KACU News - Reporter: Dave Smith
Powering Up
From rigging up a disco ball, lava lamps and a DJ table for a weekend party to something as simple as flipping a light switch we all use electricity. Matthew Woodrow takes a look as some of our top energy providers and what kind of effects they have on the environment. 2010. KACU News - Reporter: Matthew Woodrow - News At Noon
Abilene Frontiering
In 2008, it was reported that Abilene had spent several hundred thousand dollars on a branding campaign to market the city as a hot spot in West Texas. Although many popular brands and slogans were suggested, the city went with a company out of Memphis, TN that chose a very unpopular brand for the Key City. Soon, everyone was talking about Abilene: Frontiering, and the talk wasn’t all positive. KACU’s Dave Bendinger reports.
Wind Energy Trade Fair
The sixth annual West Texas Wind Energy Trade Fair was held in Trent with wind energy experts from across the nation in attendance. Wind energy has quickly become a major industry in Texas as engineers and companies rush to the open plains of West Texas. KACU’s Jacquie Harbour reports. 2010. KACU News - News At Noon - Reporter: Jacquie Harbour
2nd and 4th Grade From The Top
From The Top, the nationally syndicated classical music program featuring young musicians, will be performing a live taping tonight in Abilene at the First Baptist Church downtown. The program has inspired audiences across the country with its amazing showcase of young classical artists. Locally, classes at an area elementary school have been inspired to write and perform their own version of the popular radio program. With more on this story, here’s KACU’s Zane Goggans. 2010. The News At Noon. Reporter: Zane Goggans -KACU News
Safety City Firehouse
Recenty, KACU reported on the groundbreaking ceremony conducted at Safety City, the ceremony marked the first step in the construction of the new police station. We also mentioned the fire station on the campus where students can experience what happens when a house catches fire. Now, the flames aren’t real, but as KACU’s Joshua Jones reports, the experience is far from ordinary. 2010. KACU News. Reporter: Joshua Jones - Air Date: 10-12-10 - The News At Noon
Tenaska plans open house
Officials with Tenaska Energy, which is seeking to build a coal-fired power plant near Sweetwater, plan to conduct an open house during which the company will provide residents of Sweetwater and surrounding areas with information about the Trail Blazer Energy Center, the company said Monday. The open house will cover such topics as employment, air quality and economic benefits. KACU’s Josh Jones spoke with Helen Manroe, Tenaska manager of business development, about what’s coming up for Tenaska and the community of Abilene. 2010. KACU News - News At Noon - Reporter: Joshua Jones
Pro boxer Dixon readies for upcoming fight
Al Dixon is an officer with the Abilene Police Department. He’s also a professional boxer who is training for his third pro fight on July 10th. KACU’s Jacquie Harbour has part 1 of this story. KACU News 2010. Reporter: Jacquie Harbour - News At Noon Feature
Pro boxer Dixon readies for upcoming fight
As July 10th nears, Abilene’s pro boxer Al Dixon prepares to re-enter the ring for the first time in over a year. With the help of his trainer and manager Edward Rivas, Dixon feels he’s ready for his next challenge. Continuing from an earlier story, KACU’s Jacquie Harbour reports. 2010. News At Noon KACU Feature - Reporter: Jacquie Harbour
Downtown Cleanup 2010
Downtown Cleanup - 10.15.10 - Z. Goggans
Some local pups head to the doghouse
Some local canines are being taken from the streets to newly expanded dog houses. 2010. KACU News - Reporter: Jacquie Harbour
Dyess Celebrates The C-130 Cargo Plane
With modern technology, we aren’t accustomed to having equipment last more than a few years. Even in the auto mobile industry, once a car reaches 25 years old it’s considered an antique. One would think the same rules would apply to our military. But when you have a piece of equipment that continues to perform in any situation, why replace a good thing? The Air Force seems to agree with that notion, which is why the C-130 cargo plane is being celebrated this week by Dyess. To give us some history and insight into the plane and the planned celebration reception, we spoke with Lt. Colonel Ken Gjone in this story. 2011. KACU News - Reporter: Dave Smith
Texas Sources of Energy
From rigging up a disco ball, lava lamps and a DJ table for a weekend party to something as simple as flipping a light switch we all use electricity. Matthew Woodrow takes a look as some of our top energy providers and what kind of effects they have on the environment. 2010. KACU News - Reporter: Matthew Woodrow - Airdate: October 15, 2010 - The News At Noon
New Culinary School Coincides With New Restaurant
Joel and Trish Trublood have owned and managed TruBlu Catering for many years in Abilene. Recently they’ve taken a dive into another realm of the food industry-restaurants. Adding to that they are also opening their doors on Tuesday nights for one-on-one cooking instructions with chef Joel Trublood. Despite the tough economy and the fact that a few well-known local restaurants had to permanently close their doors last year, the Trubloods are pressing on into these new roles. KACU’s D Grant Smith spoke with Mr. Trublood. 2011.
City University
Complaints about all levels of bureaucracy are prevalent in our society, even in West Texas. Here in Abilene the city is taking extra measures to keep their citizens active and informed in the daily workings of the local government. For a closer look into the city of Abilene, here is KACU’s Meagan Hernandez. 2010. KACU News - Reporter: Meagan Hernandez - Airdate: October 8, 2010 - The News At Noon
Safety City Groundbreaking
Yesterday marked the latest step for the Melvin-Martin Center for Children’s Safety, also known as Safety City. Police Chief Stan Standridge along with Mayor Norm Archibald and members of the City Council held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new police station. Safety City is a child-size town complete with tiny buildings, streets and even functional traffic lights. The new 2,700 square foot police station will hold a classroom and house a fully restored 1953 Dodge police car. KACU’s Joshua Jones was in attendance for the event. 2010. KACU News - Reporter: Joshua Jones The News At Noon
Tenaska drops bid for Abilene water
After Abilene Mayor Norm Archibald and a few City Council members said they would not support Tenaska’s request for Abilene water for its proposed coal energy plant, company officials say water rights won’t keep them from their goal. 2010. Joshua Jones reports. KACU News - Reporter: Joshua Jones
Pancakes Help Cancer Research
Shriners Hospital has a long standing relationship with IHOP, the restaurant most known for its pancakes. Each year, IHOP contributes part of its revenue to assist the Shriners Hospital. With more information and insights into this partnership, KACU’s Zane Goggans reports. 2011. KACU News - The News At Noon - Reporter: Zane Goggans, with Keyi Zhou
Memorial Day in the eyes of local veterans
While Memorial Day is a national holiday that celebrates the military and their victories that have given and prolonged our American freedoms, we don’t often hear what the day represents for those who have fought and died in these battles. KACU’s Blane Singletary spoke with some area veterans on the significance of Memorial Day. 2010. KACU-FM News At Noon - Reporter: Blane Singletary
A Night Out With Neighborhood Watch
As the holiday season approaches, eager shoppers begin the mad gift dash. This means cars and homes filled with goodies. What people forget is that this also means more incidents of thefts. Fortunately, the City of Abilene is taking extra precautions to keep it’s citizens safe. The recent neighborhood watch night out event gave Abilenians a closer look at the measures being taken. KACU’s Meagan Hernandez has the details. 2010. KACU News - Reporter: Meagan Hernandez - Air Date: October 12, 2010 - The News At Noon
Construction Challenge 2010
Construction Challenge - 7.26.10 - J. Harbour, M. Woodrow
New Zoo Director
The Abilene Zoo has undergone changes recently, including hiring a new Director. Bill Gersonde joins the staff of the Abilene Zoo, KACU’s Matthew Woodrow reports. 2010. KACU News - News At Noon - Reporter: Matthew Woodrow
Mayor Archibald Delivers State Of The City Address
In the information age, we’re transfixed on learning how well things are working, what’s not working so well at all, and what our city, state, and national leaders are doing to fix the problems we see. A few weeks ago, the national stage was set for President Barack Obama to deliver his State Of The Union address to the country, noting on his plans to improve the economy among other things. Locally, Abilene’s Mayor Norm Archibald took the stage to address the city in what he considers to be the legacy of his administration: water. How do these two speeches go together? KACU’s Zane Goggans explores and breaks down both addresses. 2011. KACU News - Reporter: Zane Goggans - KACU’s News At Noon