10 Things To Do With Twinkies

Jan 12, 2012

When we heard the news about the Hostess bankruptcy and the possible demise of the Twinkie, we were concerned. And we got to thinking about just how wonderful Twinkies are.

I myself have never tried one, and come from the generation that's more likely to see Twinkies as an abstract object to play or experiment with — not real food.

The Twinkie, in fact, has been the inspiration for plenty of science experiments. If you heard Allison Aubrey's piece on All Things Considered, you know that we did a Twinkie experiment of our own: We put one into a bowl of Mountain Dew to see if it would dissolve. (A few hours later, we found it was bloated, but still basically intact.)

If you too want to experience more of the joy of Twinkies, but don't want to eat them, here are some ideas:

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